Virtual Training

Whether due to lack of proximity to the greater DC area, or to COVID-19 restrictions, ASW Virtual Training is a great alternative to traditional in-person training. Through web-based delivery platforms, we can connect with you via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Google and you can receive the same quality training at home. We still follow all the same protocols, beginning with a free initial assessment and movement screening where we discuss your training history and set a starting point for us.

Even with limited exercise equipment you can still get effective workouts in that allow you to not only improve movement patterns, but also progress with muscle gain, weight loss, explosiveness, or whatever you are looking for. We have continued to train our clients and athletes virtually with great success and have seen them continue to improve even while at home. By implementing creative workouts with carefully thought out exercise selection, you can allow for progressive overload which creates the muscle adaptation we are looking for. Whether you only have a set of bands, a pair of dumbbells, or nothing at all, we can make it work. And no, you won't just be doing endless jump squats, burpees, and pushups. 


Of course we incorporate the same mobility analysis and corrective exercises to keep you injury free and look to reprogram faulty biomechanics and movement patterns. By previously assessing risk factors, we are able to gauge what exercises and programming will yield the greatest return to get the most out of the training. Nutrition can also always be a topic of conversation and we can give you the guidelines to help you gain a better understanding. 


We will admit, like you, we were a bit skeptical at how useful of a tool virtual training can be. However, after hundreds of virtual sessions over the course of the COVID-19 closures, we are more than confident that ASW can provide you with as much value virtually as we would in person. You will receive the same care and devotion that we give to each of our clients and as always we will work to make things feel right for you.


Contact Aryan directly for Virtual Training rates. 

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