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Personal Training

ASW is committed to continuously striving to enhance our client's training experience by relentlessly improving our own base of knowledge and application. Through continuing education, reaching research papers, and studying other training modalities and styles, we believe that the education process never ends and ​that's what allows us to provide a place where clients and athletes feel comfortable that their best interests are being looked after and taken care of. 

The personal training process begins by meeting for an initial consultation/movement assessment which truly differs from one person to the next. We spend that hour going over your most pressing concerns and goals and don't waste time with standardized assessments. Our initial discussion allows us to really understand what it is you are after and from there we go through a bit of a workout to give you a feel of what's to come. From here we are able to establish a starting point for you using our judgment on where you need improvements as well as your own feedback. 

Following the initial assessment, we train as frequent as you like, anywhere from 1-5 times per week, and we give you a plan and guidance on what workouts you should be doing on your own as well. There is no one right way to train for a specific goal so every client uses a blend of corrective exercise/movement correction, strength training, cognitive performance, and mobility/stability work, to name a few. The breakdown depends on the individual and will favor some facets of training more than others depending on the goals of the client. We will also discuss nutrition needs with you to give you a better understanding of calories, macronutrients, and how to realistically incorporate it into your everyday life.

Most of our clients have been with us for over a year, some even more, and we continue to give them the tools to see progression and challenge with their training while making it enjoyable as well. From our athletes, to our senior population, to our post-surgery clients, ASW is excited to be able to help you get to wherever you are after!


Hourly Rates: 

$85 for 1-Hour Session

$55 for 1/2-Hour Session

Package Rates with Discounts: 

4 1-Hour Sessions:   $300    12% Savings

8 1-Hour Sessions:   $580    15% Savings

12 1-Hour Sessions: $840    18% Savings

20 1-Hour Sessions: $1,350  21% Savings


3 1-Hour Sessions:   $180.    29% Savings

*$15 travel fee may apply for any off-site training

** 1/2 Hour Package Rates available upon request

***Groups of 2 personal training is available upon request, $15 will apply

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