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Whether you are constantly traveling for work, an out-of-state college student, or simply don't have the time to consistently make it to the gym, online programming might be the most optimal solution to keep you in check with your training. Online Programming means that ASW will provide you with thought-out and detailed workout plans on a monthly basis that are explained and truly are written from scratch with each new client in mind. No matter if you will be working out in a state-of-the-art facility, a hotel gym, or your living room, Aryan will plan your workouts with your environment in mind and continue to allow for progression with your training. 

All ASW Monthly Programming Clients will receive the same level of attention and detail, the main difference being that beyond the initial consultation, the Premium Members will receive one 1-Hour Training session per month to check-in. Monthly Programming Clients will receive the following services: 

  • Initial Consultation: Like any coach/client relationship, online programming begins with an initial consultation (held either in person or virtually) where we first discuss your training history, risk factors, and what you would like to get out of your training. From there we do a 20-30 minute movement assessment/workout where Aryan evaluates your movement quality and overall fitness level to establish a starting point for you. This initial consult is paramount in being able to write an effective tailored program for someone. Each individual will have different needs even with similar goals and it is imperative that workouts are written with only them in mind. 

  • Specific Workouts: From there is where you will receive your initial set of workouts for you do wherever you are. These will take into account what gym/equipment you have access to​ and how many days per week you are available to workout. Now truthfully many workout programs will all highlight the amount of variety they provide so that the individual doesn't get bored with the workouts. While keeping you engaged is our goal, we don't do it by giving you 150+ different exercises to do in an 8-week span. The services we provide here are to emulate as if we were training in person weekly. That means you will be telling us how the workouts felt, what was challenging, what didn't feel good, what was too easy, and we provide feedback and adjustments based off of that. A roadblock to progress can be changing workouts too often, so while of course the workouts won't look the same month-to-month, we allow for some consistency to give your body and brain to learn the lifts and progress accordingly. 

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins: Feedback from the client is the single most important piece of information we at ASW need to continue to provide effective programming. Through bi-weekly 30-minute phone calls, we will discuss how the training has been going and what you do and don't feel great about. From there modifications can be made for the client. We will also discuss how the rest of your training has been, any nutrition concerns, and anything else you think we can help you with.

  • Monthly In-Person Session*: The ability the reconnect in-person (or virtually) for monthly sessions is a great way for us to not only discuss how the workouts have been going, but it allows Aryan to see first-hand how movement quality, strength, stability, and mobility are looking. The biggest point here is to clean up form and technique and go over the movements that you felt most uncomfortable with. If you are unable to make it to a given month's session, the sessions will just roll-over accumulate for you to use whenever you wish. If you're out of town for months on end and come back and want to use 3-5 sessions in a given week, you can!

  • Unlimited Email/Phone Access: As with any other ASW training client, you will have access to Aryan via text, call, or email to ask any questions whenever you like. If you sprained your ankle hiking, aren't feeling all that well this week, or just want to chat, Aryan takes the time to be responsive to all clients to make sure they are taken care of.


ASW Standard Monthly Programming​:


Competitive Athletes: $110/month

General Population: $80/month

ASW Premium Monthly Programming*:

Competitive Athletes: $180/month

General Population: $150/month

*Included in Premium Package only

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