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If one-on-one training isn't for you, you might enjoy bringing a group along to workout beside you! Whether it's friends, colleagues, or family members, you can bring them along to train together. ASW Group Training doesn't mean a bootcamp with pre-determined circuit stations and someone there to tell you when to switch. We look at this the same as one-on-one personal training, just with a few extra people. 

Now fair warning, it is highly beneficial to be training with people who have similar goals as you. While differences in fitness level can easily be accounted for, training one person who has a goal of adding 20 lbs of muscle, another who wants to train for a marathon, and another who wants to lose 10% body fat, all at once, won't be effective for anyone. Movement quality, sound biomechanics, and correct technique will all be heavily emphasized as we train together in an environment that will be sure to keep you motivated!

Training can take place at the gym (Phoenix Fitness), outdoors, or at your home/apartment gym*. Groups can be anywhere from 3-5 people in size, with the price being the same regardless of the number of people. For groups of two people, pricing is covered under the Personal Training section.


Hourly Rates: 

$125 for 1-Hour Class

Package Rates with Discounts: 

4 1-Hour Classes:   $440     12% Savings

8 1-Hour Classes:   $850     15% Savings

12 1-Hour Classes: $1,230  18% Savings

20 1-Hour Classes: $2,000  20% Savings

*$15 travel fee may apply for any off-site training

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